On May 21, 2022 our Rotary Club of Kapolei Sunset (RCKS) helped change lives by bringing clean water to those who need it most.  We raised $1,125.00 and helped to provide 43,865 people with life-changing access to water.  This Global 6K is great because you can do it anywhere, anytime before the actual date!  Some of us walked the Ko Olina lagoons.  Some of us walked our own neighborhood.  We even had a RCKS member trekking 70 miles in Italy!
Now more than ever, clean water is essential to protect vulnerable children and families.  RCKS was spread across the globe from Hawaii to Italy, and from Seattle to Minnesota to unite people who care about communities in need of water.  Donations also came in from friends near and far who were unable to accomplish the walk.  Will you join us next year?  Sign up now with the early bird special or watch for more details this fall.  Follow this link to our team page:  https://global6k.worldvision.org/participant/357694