Oct 11, 2021 7:00 PM
Ron Mabry
Shelter Box!
Our speaker for Oct 11 is Ron Mabry who will be talking about "ShelterBox".  ShelterBox began in 2000 as a Cornish Rotary Club's millennium project.  With the support of Rotary members and clubs around the world, ShelterBox grew to become an internationally recognized, independent disaster relief organization.  Since 2012, ShelterBox and Rotary have been official Project Partners in disaster relief.  Their vision:  A world where no family is without shelter after disaster.
A ShelterBox includes: A family tent to call home while rebuilding and recovering, a cook set made of stainless-steel for a family to boil water and make a hot meal, a mosquito net to help protect families from insect-born diseases, a solar light for providing safety and the ability to work, cook, or learn after dark, a water filter for clean drinking water and practicing good hygiene, and a shelter kit that provides supplies needed to make essential home repairs.